Yu Jin
Associate Professor
I have focused on the teaching style, methods of teaching and practice in computer science and technology over the years, and have been responsible for teaching some of the fundamental and theoretical courses for the Bachelor and Master degrees in our department. In 2000, Shantou University created the network software research and development center. I worked as the director of the network software R & D center and took the major responsibility of the center.
Education background: 
B.En. & M.Sc.:Jinlin University,P. R. China.  

Research Areas:   
Data Mining,Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery,Medical Informatics,Automatic Reasoning,Fuzzy Logic

Fundamentals of Programming, Data Structure, Algorithm Design and Analysis,  Artificial Intelligence, Computability Theory, Medical Informatics, Advance Mathematical logic

Research Projects:
1、Science and technology projects of Guangdong Province, “General-purpose data acquisition for industry data center, Online query statistics and monitoring middleware -PASS Providwe V1.0” , Project ID:2004B16001143
2、Horizontal projects:
Regional health care system, Key technology of blood management software

Selected Publications:
[1] YU Jin etc,NHLERE: an An t2ba sed Routing Algor ithm forW ireless Sen sor Networks,Journal of Chinese Computer Systems,Vol 31  No30  2010,pp496-502
[2] Survey on Heterogeneous Medical Information Exchanging Based on Ontology Mapping,Science Mosaic,2007(5):6-8
[3] YU Jin etc,Research on the Storage Model for MML2based Electronic Medical Record,Modern Electronics Technique,2007(20):134-136
[4] JuanLi,JinYu,Research and Application of the Wireless LAN in Safe Mechanism,Proceedings: Network Research Workshop (The 18th APAN Meetings 2004)
[5] Yan Weiliang,YU Jin,Applications of Extensible Markup Language (XML ) in Electronic Medical Record (EMR),Journal of Shantou University(Natural Science), 2003, Vol. 18(1):66-71 
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